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TEROSON sets new standards in fire protection. With our advanced products and a comprehensive fire protection concept, we ensure safety in the area of facade sealing. Our fire protection solutions offer not only fire and water protection, but also improved sound insulation to make buildings safer and more comfortable. Proper fire protection is a responsibility that we take seriously by offering solutions that minimise damage in emergencies. With these innovations, we offer comprehensive protection and efficiency for interior spaces and exterior facades. Welcome to the future of comprehensive building protection by TEROSON.

Fire protection with TEROSON

Sealing strip

Fight the fire, beat the heat – with our ultimate brand-new sealing strip for modern facades.

Sealing membrane

This will convince you: First-class fire protection for indoor use with TEROSON FO 1500 FR.

fire protection products

We offer you full protection: discover our comprehensive portfolio of fire protection products.

Why is proper
fire protection so important?

There is more than one reason for proper fire protection

As more and more houses grow ever taller in ever smaller spaces, fire protection solutions that make it as difficult as possible for fire to spread from the inside to the outer building envelope are needed more than ever. And without compromising on protection against the weather. This is also the task of the facade, facade materials and correct installation.

In the beginning was the catastrophe

The UK and other countries require all building materials on the external facade to be certified as “non-combustible” in accordance with fire protection class A2. The only exception: foils – because there are no practicable solutions.

The Glenfell Tower in London is on fire. The cause: a faulty fridge. The consequences: fatal – 72 people die. As a result of this catastrophe, the topic of fire protection in construction is also increasingly coming to the fore in Germany.

The UK issues an additional regulation that requires films to be “flame retardant” – with all the requirements of Class B of the EN 13501 standard.

The new version of the model administrative regulation Technical Building Regulations (MVV TB – 2020/1), which also includes fire protection in Germany, has been published since 19 January 2021. According to Annex 4, construction products and types of construction that are classified as flame-retardant must fulfil at least a required performance of s2, d0.

Facts about the fire risk

  • According to the Federal Statistical Office, there was an average of 362 deaths per year from fire, smoke and flames in Germany between 2009 and 2019.
  • Cause of death in 95% of cases: Suffocation caused by highly toxic fire smoke gases, which also injure around 6000 people every year and cause long-term damage to their health.
  • The economic damage: 2 billion euros a year from industrial fire damage alone.

fire protection system

Innovative fire protection system for maximum safety

2018 to 2021: Henkel and TEROSON work consistently on an efficient fire protection concept for the exterior facade. The result: the first sealing film system to be certified as “flame-retardant”. And still provides highly effective long-term protection against the weather. For maximum safety – also for window and facade manufacturers.

As much protection as possible: the TEROSON fire protection concept

For all those who want more protection but no more work, the new TEROSON FO 2 FR sealing film offers everything that we and you expect from a high-tech sealing film for exterior applications from Henkel, in addition to the maximum fire protection class currently realisable. It is not only very vapour permeable and highly sound-insulating, but also as easy, uncomplicated, quick and cost-effective to apply as you know it. And of course it is also integrated into a system and comes, for example, together with a matching system adhesive: TEROSON AD KDS FR. Incidentally, this combination has been awarded EMICODE® and is certified by the Fire Institute as a B – s2, d0 system – which makes the whole thing even more convincing. And gives you even more security.

Makes it difficult for the fire and easy for the installer: the TEROSON fire protection system

The FO 2 FR sealing film is integrated into a system as an innovative TEROSON solution. This means that it comes together with a system adhesive that is optimally matched to it – this combination is system-certified by the Fire Institute. Both are complemented by three other TEROSON products of the latest generation – a sealant, a universal foam and a sound-absorbing compound. This is what we call a complete solution against fire – with all 5 product groups that are necessary for the construction of facades and windows.

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