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TEROSON FO 150 FT M+S sealing membrane

The TEROSON FO 150 FT M+S is a fully self-adhesive sealing membrane for vapor-tight façade connections. Further developed for durable, universal security at the highest level: robustness, watertightness, processing and reliable results – TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S has been constantly setting standards as a special sealing film with unique performance features for years – making it a permanent fixture in façade and window construction. Now also for DIN 18533 load cases.


Instantly installed, immediately watertight, immediately prepared, immediately precisely calculated, immediately task completed

Bild eines Anwendungsbeispiels der Dichtfolie, hier die bodentiefe Fußpunktabdichtung.
Floor-level base point sealing

The new generation of special sealing film

From now on, you can benefit from even better performance values for the sealing film, including full DIN 18533 conformity and an even wider range of applications – now also for load cases W 1.1E and W 1.2E (critical base point areas).

Safe and flexible sealing all year round – with the new, comprehensively optimized TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S.

High-tech adhesive meets TEROSON sealing expertise

PSA hotmelt technology is a special development from Henkel – the world’s leading adhesive specialist. It combines TEROSON’s technical sealing film experience and the latest generation of adhesives to create a unique, innovative solution with fundamental processing advantages.
Darstellung des Logos der PSA Hotmelt-Technologie von Teroson.

Gain full insight into the next sealing milestone

FO 150 Foil-Tack M+S

Sealing membrane in detail

Get to know the new generation TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S
in detail in our product brochure.

FO 150 Foil-Tack M+S

Versatile application

From vertical waterproofing to anchor waterproofing –
find out more about the wide range of possible applications
and outstanding properties of the optimized special sealing film.

FO 150 Foil-Tack M+S

New optimization

Get a comprehensive insight into the improved technical properties of the new TEROSON
FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S compared to the previous generation.

FO 150 Foil-Tack M+S

The TEROSON system

In addition to the efficient special sealing film TEROSON
FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S, there are also other high-quality products.
Discover the complete TEROSON system.

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Press release

Proven product, new area of application: Sealing components in contact with the ground now complies with standards using TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S sealing film

Düsseldorf, 13.10.2022. The self-adhesive special sealing film TEROSON FO 150 M+S from TEROSON Bautechnik has proven itself many times over in more than 25 years, particularly in the sealing of façade connections. The company has now developed it further and increased its performance values: TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S sealing foil now has full DIN 18533 conformity. This means that building owners can also rely on tested safety when sealing components in contact with the ground, including load cases W1.1-E and W1.2-E (critical base point areas).

TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S features patented “PSA HOTMELT” technology from Henkel, the world’s leading adhesive specialist and parent company of TEROSON Bautechnik. This guarantees strong, universal adhesion – even on wet surfaces. The fully self-adhesive, bitumen-free sealing film is highly tear-resistant and adapts flexibly to the substrate. The result: an immediately waterproof, driving rain-proof, diffusion-proof and airtight surface.

Sealing film with extended performance and application range

The special sealing film has been tried and tested on curtain walls for more than 25 years. It is typically used in the area of connection sealing, for example at the transition from windows or doors to the building structure. The further development of TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S into a DIN 18533-compliant solution opens up new possibilities: “The area of application now also includes the sealing of components in contact with the ground, for example in the areas of floor-level base point sealing, lower floor connection or anchor sealing,” says Alexander Bauer, Head of the Technical Department at TEROSON Bautechnik. TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S also covers waterproofing against ground moisture and non-pressing water in floor slabs and walls in contact with the ground in accordance with DIN 18533-1 (classes W3-E, W4-E) and DIN 18533-2:2017-07, table 17.

Usually simple application – all year round

Thanks to TEROSON Fingerlift, the sealing film can be easily removed from the carrier medium even when wearing work gloves. It adheres immediately without additional mechanical fastening. Its reduced weight per unit area promotes effortless installation. “On the building structure in the façade, we recommend adhesive widths of 50 mm, although the adhesive width can be reduced on smooth, clean and load-bearing substrates,” says Alexander Bauer. “Bonding must be carried out in such a way that no capillary water is absorbed and air pockets in the surface are avoided. The sealing film must therefore be rolled out with the TEROSON hard rubber roller, especially at overlaps and edges.” The films should overlap by at least 50 mm. TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S achieves complete and optimum adhesion after around 24 hours. Because it can be applied at temperatures as low as -5 °C and therefore all year round, downtime on the construction site due to weather conditions can be avoided.

Sealing film from TEROSON: a sustainable choice

PSA technology also offers advantages in terms of “ecological construction”, as Alexander Bauer explains: “Thanks to its outstanding adhesive properties, our special sealing film is around 50 percent more resource-efficient than conventional bitumen finishes.” TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S is certified with the best emission class EMICODE EC 1 Plus and has the necessary product declarations and manufacturer’s declarations for projects in accordance with DGNB, LEED and BREEAM.