fire protection system

The complete solution for the exterior facade

Innovative fire protection system for maximum safety

2018 to 2021: Henkel and TEROSON work consistently on an efficient fire protection concept for exterior facades. The result: The first sealing foil system to be certified as “flame-retardant”, which at the same time provides highly effective, long-term protection against the weather. Maximum safety – also for window and facade installers.

As much protection as possible:
the TEROSON fire protection concept

New regulations call for new solutions: With its brand-new sealing system including the FO 2 FR sealing foil, TEROSON offers the highest level of fire protection that is technically feasible today: the foil is “flame-retardant” in accordance with DIN EN 13501, class B s2, d0. It also offers optimum protection in other respects: the foil is waterproof and at the same time vapor-permeable, sound-absorbing as well as flood- and UV-resistant. Effective protection taken to an entirely new level – that’s what’s needed, and that’s what we make possible!

Makes it hard for the fire and easy for the installer:
TEROSON fire protection system

Being an innovative all-round solution, the FO 2 FR sealing foil doesn’t come alone but as an integral part of a whole TEROSON system. It teams up with a perfectly matched adhesive. This product team has been system-certified by IBS (Institute for Technical Fire Protection). Both are complemented by three other TEROSON products of the latest generation: a joint sealant, a universal foam and an anti-drumming compound. This is what we call a “complete solution” against fire, including all 5 product groups that are structurally required for the installation of windows and facades.

Fight the fire, beat the heat, our brandnew sealing strip

The ultimate sealing strip for modern facades

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