Sealing of
roller shutter boxes in detail

Sealing the roller shutter box

Roller shutter boxes can also be sealed on the inside with the film. In practice, it has been shown that when sealing roller shutter boxes, the window connection foil should be bonded overlapping in the corners (052). Sealing in the corner area with a loop formation is not possible due to the numerous corners on the roller shutter box. The foils must be pressed firmly against the substrate with a hard rubber roller, especially in the corner area (053).
Anwendungsbild zum Abdichten des Dämmkeils über dem Element, um die Fassade abzudichten.

Positioning the foil on the roller shutter box

Anwendungsbild zum Klebstoffauftrag, um die Fassade abzudichten.
052 | Front attachment of the foil
Anwendungsbild zum Andrücken der Folie mit einer Hartgummirolle im Klebstoffbett, um die Fassade abzudichten.
053 | Pressing on the foil in the corner area
Sealing with FO 1 FOIL-TACK and PT ecoMAX 600
Sealing with TEROSON FO 1 FOIL-TACK in exterior areas

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