Fixband TA ALU - for
the highest requirements
in terms of vapour tightness.

Sealing tape for the facade

Requirements are there to be fulfilled.

Even though vapour barrier sealing has long been used in façade construction on the warm side, i.e. the inside: More and more often, 100% vapour-tight solutions are required by architects and in terms of building physics. This is particularly true for connection seals in the field of air conditioning and ventilation construction, for rear-ventilated façade constructions and, above all, whenever metal meets metal. And ‘100 % vapour-tight’ is not a loose claim, but a firmly defined value that requires an sd value of over 1500 m. So it’s time to do even more justice to our own professional standards and fulfil the highest requirements for fixed sealing tapes too.

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We are TEROSON. We are constantly developing ourselves and our products. And we think accordingly. So you can rely on more than just innovative, effective product solutions for all window and façade sealing work. You can also rely on professional all-round support that you can only get from an expert – with everything that goes with it for us: from advice to service.

Bild einer Gebäudefassade als Darstellung für die Verwendung von einem dampfdichten Dichtband für Fassaden.
Bild eines diffusionsdichten Fugenabschlusses mit dem Dichtband für Fassaden TA ALU.

Diffusion-tight joint closure in the façade area

Bild mit dem TEROSON TA ALU Dichtband für Fassaden.

TEROSON TA ALU – the best in every respect

The new, enhanced sealing tape for façades with aluminium composite foil applied to one side and an sd value >1500 m – for the highest requirements in terms of vapour tightness.



    • Highly screw-through resistant
    • Extremely tear and tear propagation resistant
    • Available in various dimensions*
    • Self-adhesive
    • Compatible with bitumen
    • Also as a universal sealing and repair tape
    • For maximum flexibility: indoor and outdoor use
    • No primer required on non-absorbent substrates
    • UV-stable and highly resistant to ageing

*TA ALU Repair tape is available in the following widths:

    • 28 m 40 x 0,9 mm
    • 28 m 50 x 0,9 mm
    • 28 m 60 x 0,9 mm
    • 28 m 75 x 0,9 mm
    • 25 m 100 x 1,1 mm
    • 25 m 150 x 1,1 mm
    • 25 m 180 x 1,1 mm
Grafik zur Verwendung des dampfdichten Fixband TA ALU als Dichtband für die Fassade.

Everything for maximum reliability of results
in the TEROSON system

TEROSON TA ALU, latest generation

Cross-laminated, one-sided aluminium-laminated, now 100% vapour-tight fixed tape with sd value >1500 m for targeted connection sealing wherever metal meets metal.

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • High-quality solution for demanding work in joint areas
  • 100% vapour-tight
  • Screw-through resistant
  • Fully self-adhesive over the entire surface
  • Weather-resistant and UV-stable
  • Tear and tear resistant

Always good, now even better:

The new generation of TEROSON TA ALU sealing tape.

The TA ALU Fixband from TEROSON has been something special for years because the film structure with special butyl coordination and in combination with a cross-laminated, extremely tear-resistant plastic-aluminium composite film can guarantee that it will remain tight even if it is punctured and screwed through.

In other words, it was and is the self-adhesive, high quality solution for the highest quality, watertight and screw-through-proof seals in conservatory, air conditioning and ventilation, aluminium and metal construction.

This solution is now even more watertight in the truest sense of the word – with a feature that increases the vapour tightness to over 1500 m. And thus truly fulfils the highest requirements in every respect.

Symbolbild mit Handwerker auf dem Dach zur Darstellung der Verwendung vom Abdichtband TA ALU als Dichtfolie für die Fassade.
Grafik zur Darstellung der Durchschraubsicherheit des Fixband TA ALU als Dichtband für die Fassade.

The new TA ALU Fixband is screw-through-proof. This means that the vapour tightness remains intact even if the tape is drilled through.

Grafik zur Darstellung der Reißfestigkeit des Fixbandes TA ALU als Dichtband für die Fassade.

Thanks to its cross-laminated structure with aluminium composite foil laminated on one side, the new TA ALU Fixband is highly tear and tear-resistant.

Grafik zur Anwendung des Fixbandes TA ALU als Dichtband für die Fassade.



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